O-rings are circular cross-section and O-shaped rings, normally moulded from an elastomer. Primarily use to prevent loss of fluid or gas. It is the most commonly used sealing product, as they are effective, reliable and inexpensive.

O-rings are typically described by their Internal Diameter (ID) and follow by Radial Cross Section (CS). Outside Diameter is mentioned for reference only.

Our standard o-rings come in four different elastomers, Nitrile (NBR@70/90), Silicone (VMQ@70), Viton (FKM@75/90) and Ethylene-Propylene (EPDM@70), with different durometer.

For odd and oversized o-rings, Hydro can offer you either by custom-made or vulcanized method.

Other than standard o-rings, we also carry stock for :

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